December 22, 2021 Dala ray

Dala ray | 2021-08-26 00:18:10

"Love the work we received! Very quick and understanding of what we wanted to have done."
September 15, 2021 Samantha Wallace

2021-11-02 | 21:53:12

"Our parking lot was in serious condition uneven, pot holes; you name it we were experiencing it but Palm Paving turn our parking lot into a glamorous place to park! Thanks so much for the great work!"
September 15, 2021 Anthony Wallace

2021-11-02 | 21:53:08

"Great customer service with amazing work that doesn't kills your pocket."
September 15, 2021 Anthony Wallace

2021-11-02 | 21:43:41

"Great customer service with amazing work."
September 14, 2021 Samantha Wallace

2021-11-02 | 21:43:39

"Had a second job that was not planed but needed to be done and Palm Paving came out in short notice and was able to get the job done!"
September 1, 2021 Corneilous Wardlow

2021-11-02 | 21:48:49

"Had my driveway paved last spring. Michael came out and gave me a reasonable estimate and they came out the next day. I was very satisfied with their work ggg"