February 9, 2022 Steve Stanley

2022-04-21 | 18:29:28

"Michael (Owner) does a great job with communication and working with properties. They are professional and do a great job. The communities look fantastic when the project is completed. I have used this company in the past and will use the company in the future."
February 7, 2022 Mary Zabel

2022-04-21 | 18:29:31

"I recently contacted Michael for a repair job on our Asphalt driveway. They came out the very next day to look at the problem and advised it. They did a great job and was extremely careful around all of our plantings etc. After waiting a couple of days to be sure the flag stone was completely dry the gentlemen returned to apply the sealer. He was so professional and so careful doing an awesome job and now the driveway looks great. Thank you Palm Paving for this wonderful job. I would recommend Palm Paving to anyone wanting to improve the look of their Asphalt driveway."
February 4, 2022 Gene Beckham

2022-04-21 | 18:29:34

"I would like to personally thank Michael (Owner) and his crew for making this by far the smoothest process I have experienced with an asphalt project within an apartment community. The day of, Palm Paving crew members went above and beyond; they knocked on residents' doors to ensure they didn't get towed and incur an out-of-pocket expense. I can't recommend them highly enough."
February 3, 2022 Kelley Taylor

2022-04-21 | 18:29:36

"Michael was very helpful. He and his team did a excellent service, instead helped me figure out a better way to finish the project. They were very professional and courteous and use only quality materials. I am very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Michael!!!"
January 3, 2022 A Google User

2022-04-21 | 18:29:39

"I've done 8 large paving projects with Palm Paving and they did a great job on all of them. They excel in communication which is huge in my world of dealing with Tenants of large shopping centers. I'll definitely refer them to other Property Managers as I value their expertise and recommendations. They are really good guys."
December 24, 2021 A Google User

2022-04-21 | 18:29:42

"Outstanding service for all your Parking Lot and driveway needs. Also a wonderful place to work. They were quick, clean and they look great. Very polite workers and a good price compared to the competition. I would highly recommend Palm Paving."